Helmettes 2016

Photo’s by Kiyomi Yui

Photo’s by Petert van Abbe

Photo’s by Marcel Harlaar

Photo’s by Helmettes fans

Photo’s by Martijn de Jonge

Reviews of the night:

  • … stretched out I Don’t Care What The People Say into a slow-burning racket that eventually boiled over, and topped matters off with a riotous Half Twee; Pelgrom baying out the lyrics and gesturing off to the crowd like the last man standing at the bar. Throw in a great chiming solo from Kooyman and most of the crowds’ cup was full… Louder than war (in English)
  • …wat trouwens voor vrijwel alle ouwe punkers gold. Dus ook voor Helmettes, met zanger Joris Pelgrom. De band joeg zijn culthitje ½ 2 er nog eens verdienstelijk doorheen met op bas Ultra-coryfee Mick Ness… Lust for life (in Dutch)